Pulsar Marketing Services

Pulsar Services

Pulsar works side by side with legal studios providing them with the newests digital solutions. We help them to grow and improve their business model, driving to an increase of new clients and sales. 

Lawyer's Advertising


Our Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) strategies will help your law firm receive more high-quality leads with a low cost per acquisition. PPC is the perfect opportunity that every lawyer should have in order to make the growth-jump their law firms need.

Lawyer's SEO


SEO is constantly changing, so it should never be taken as granted. Simply out, whatever it is that you are doing right now, will be different in the near future. That’s why we are always up to date with the strategies that we implement in order to get your law firm at the top of search results.

Lawyer's Web Design


Our team will provide you high quality designs for your website. Each lawyer should know the importance of a properly optimized and designed website, by delivering a user and mobile friendly professional site, in order to convert leads into clients, faster, and cheaper.

Lawyer's Content Creation


Some things are simply time consuming, such as content development. Our editing team will research relevant topics for each week and will deliver high quality and optimized blogs and pages that will drive organic traffic to your website, increase your reach, and get more leads.

Lawyer's Social Media


We will manage your social media platforms with relevant and customized materials in order to generate prospect clients for your law firm. Social Media Management is intended to make your firm gain authority and respect within your local community, and get you more leads.

Lawyer's Email Marketing


You might think that Email Marketing is too invasive, or too aggressive. However, we will make sure to be on top of your previous, current, and prospect clients. We will build the spider web that your law firm needs in order to get more clients in a more efficient and cheaper way.

Lawyer's Audiovisual Production


Our talented graphic designers will create any piece of content that you might ever want. Moreover, we will develop customized and self owned logos, cover graphics, social media ads, and other material that will reflect your law firm’s branding and message.

Lawyer's Backlinking


Backlinking is a must when it comes to ranking. We will make your law firm rank in high quality, relevant and authoritative websites that will be used as backlinks for your site, by finding a suitable balance between quality and quantity. This will improve your SEO.

Lawyer's Reporting


Data tracking is strictly important for us and for our clients. As a lawyer, you should know where your money is going, and what you are getting in return. That is why we will deliver constant reports showing your law firm’s performance, and your leads acquisition, from paid and organic sources.