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How to Get More Clients for Law Firms from Google LSA

If you are a law firm trying to get more clients from Google LSA, make sure to follow these tips, such as your reviews, reviews score, responsiveness and more.

Google Local Services Ads has been a nightmare for Law Firms in 2021. Some attorneys started advertising in 2020, during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it's still somehow painful to properly understand how to get more clients for law firms from Google LSA.

Law firms’ practice areas eligible for Google LSA: Bankruptcy, Business Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Disability Law, DUI, Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Litigation, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Tax, and Traffic.

If you continue reading, you will find out about the main tips that you should apply to your Google Local Services Ads account, right away. We will uncover some myths that have surrounded this Google's "new" feature since it started back in 2017 in California.

More Clients For Law Firms From Google LSA

How Can Local Services Ads Help My Law Firm?

First and foremost, as a lawyer, you need to understand that Google Local Services Ads is intended to help your law firm connect with potential clients that are searching on Google for a personal injury lawyer, a criminal defense attorney, an immigration law firm, or other.

Now, you might be wondering, how can my law firm get more clients for Google LSA? Well, there is no simple answer for that. On the contrary, it is a combination of a series of strategies that your marketing department should tackle, in order to increase your revenue by 25%.

Can I Get More Clients For My Law Firm From Google LSA?

The short answer is yes, you can. However, it is not something simple that you can change in a single day. With that being said, there are a couple of tactics that you could and should start now. The more you wait, the more time your competitor will have to master the Google LSA market.

One of the main topics of any game plan for getting more clients for law firms from Google LSA is reviews. Here, we are strictly talking about those reviews from Google My Business (GMB). At this point, if you don’t have your GMB account set up, you should start by doing that today.

Going back to the reviews section, the amount of reviews on your GMB page, and the reviews’ score are strictly important. Those two metrics will trigger and positively — or negatively (depending on your performance) — impact your Goole LSA account. But, how?

5 Stars Review

The Importance Of Reviews For Your Google LSA Account

Every law firm should dedicate time on a weekly basis in order to get more reviews for its Google My Business page. All those reviews from GMB will get pushed to your Google Local Services Ads profile. However, those from LSA will not populate your GMB profile.

Furthermore, it is strictly important to maintain a good review score on GMB, as well. Your law firm’s review score on GMB should be 4.8 or 4.9. Anything under 4.7 will take the risk of being under your competitors’ ranking. And, 5,0 might be suspicious for your prospect clients.

So, make sure to have a good amount of reviews (at least 20), and a good review score (at least 4,8) on your GMB page. On another note, it is even better to get reviews from your LSA profile. You will find the option of “ASK FOR REVIEW” for those clients coming from your LSA page.

How To Rank On The Top 3 Of Local Services Ads?

It is well known within the marketing community that Google doesn’t like to share a lot of its insights. Especially when they launch a new feature. Along with the review, and review score, make sure to have good responsiveness, and to properly select your target audience.

In addition, you should adjust your LSA budget with a weekly goal. Then, select your bidding mode: “Maximize leads” (let Google set your bid and get you the most leads for your budget), or “Set max per lead” (manually set your own bid, the maximum cost you want to pay for a lead).

There is no ABC basis about getting the most revenue from Google LSA, or from being the worst around your area. On the contrary, getting more clients for law firms from Google LSA is a combination of things. But, make sure to get your Local Services Ads Screened checkmark.


How Can I Get My LSA Screened Checkmark?

There have been a lot of theories on how important your screened checkmark truly is. To be honest, it is 100% important. Moreover, it will determine if you rank in the top 3 of your practice areas keywords, or not. Now, the million dollar question is, how can I get Google’s checkmark?

In order to obtain the LSA Screened Checkmark for your law firm profile, you will need to complete the business authentication. You will need to follow LSA’s steps; from adding your lawyers’ information, to setting up your weekly budget and bidding mode.

Is My Law Firm Location Important For Local Services Ads?

Once you have your screened checkmark, you are ready to receive leads for your law firm. However, you might be wondering why you are still unable to get qualified leads for your intake department. The main factor that could be damaging your LSA account is your physical location.

So, to answer the main inquiry, yes, your location is important for Local Services Ads. You might even want to have one account per location (if you have more than just one office). The leads might overlap, but that’s not a problem at all. Click here to learn more about this feature.

Local Services Ads

Is Google Able To Verify My Law Firm’s Call’s Responsiveness?

The short answer is yes. Every single time that a person that is looking for an immigration lawyer, or a personal injury attorney, calls from a Google number, they’ll know. Google will track and monitor that tracking number, and check your law firm’s responsiveness.

Are you ready to get more clients for law firms from Google LSA? Take the first step by accessing the Local Services Ads page. Or, if you are not sure, or you might want to get a free consultation with an expert, make sure to call (571) 599-9203 or visit Pulsar Marketing, LLC.

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